Keep it Simple, Stupid

I assume you know the acronym KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) and so do I. My english teacher in high school taught us that and emphasized it whenever she could. But KISS does not only apply to writing essays and papers you can adapt it to your programming and to your projects as well!

Even though I try to live the KISS Principle as often as I can. I find myself in situations I cannot move a step forward anymore. Maybe it’s of lack of opportunities or even of motivation. The later applied to this project: Dicentis.

I didn’t do a lot in the last couple of months and that bothered me. Finally, I sat down and toke the time to think about it. What did happen? What should happen? And how can I achieve the goals?

In my case I realized I set up the project as a the next big thing, or at least I though it is. But this didn’t apply to it (yet). Dicentis is not even close to version 1 but I though it needs a fancy website. No! It does not need that. So the first thing I did was to switch themes, yesterday, and use a simple blog theme to simplify things and to clean up stuff.

Beside the simple theme I moved the upcoming user guide to GitHub. There I can maintain it using Markdown and a static site generator. This hopefully declutter the site and keeps it simple, stupid.

That was just the beginning. I hope I keep the motivation up and keep working on upcoming features and improve things :) So stay tuned for upcoming news.