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Let’s get started …

It is now over a month I wrote my first article announcing Dicentis on my blog and talking about it at WordCamp Hamburg. But I kept working on it and now I can present you the first thing: the Website. But wait, if you don’t know what Dicentis is, it is a new podcast plugin for WordPress. But I don’t want to talk about its history. If you want to learn more about Dicentis pleas visit the About page. This blog post is about the beginning and the next steps. I want to take the first step into the public and present you this website.

The Website

As you can see Dicentis has a nice website. I worked hard the last weeks to build a nice website which reflect the upcoming plugin. I want to show you shortly what you can find here and why you can expect in the future.


I wrote a longer about page than I expected. Althoug Dicentis is not even published it has a history. You can read everything on that page. To summarize it Dicentis is a new podcast project and was part of a church project. During first development it was topic for my student project for university and quickly developed to something more bigger. Therefore I decided to exclude it from the church project to continue development independent.

The plugin is open source and licensed under GNU GPL v3.0. You are more than welcome to contribute to it in many different ways.


Like many plugins this one will have a FAQ section. I added some questions to get started, but I think the real frequently asked questions are added later if some users are using the plugin.


One thing I really see missing at plugins is a good documentation. Surely, a piece of software should be written to be easy understandable and intuitive, but either this is not the case or it is very complex. Therefore, I don’t want to blame other but to make it better. I will extend the Documentation page with tutorials and documents as reference for this plugin. However, this takes time and please forgive me if a document is missing. I work alone on this project and don’t do this as my daily living. If you want to help on the documentation feel free to contact me.


What is a website without a contact form? Nothing. I added one for you. Feel free to use it and don’t hesitate to contact me :)

Changelog Podcast

As soon as the plugin is stable to use I will use it myself on this webpage. I will start a Changelog Podcast and talk about this plugin and its changes or other stuff. So if you don’t want to read the changelogs just subscribe to this podcast :)

Next Steps

But what about the plugin? As you can see, you see nothing. I didn’t have to time to finish my refactoring process so far. I work hard on it to be ready for a public release. The first public version will be v0.2.0. But don’t expect to much. Many things are still missing and I don’t encourage you to use it on your productive site. However, I will need some beta tester. If you want to check it out drop me a line or subscribe to the newletter to get notified if I release the first version. I hope this will be in the next 1 to 2 weeks.

I’m really looking forward to the future and am excited what is coming :)

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