Is Dicentis free?

Absolutely! Dicentis is built with a free mind and free attitude. The core plugin will stay free forever!

Under which license is Dicentis published?

I love WordPress and I love Open Source. So for, I decided to go with the same license as WordPress, GNU GPL v3.0 You can read the complete license at choosealicense.com.

May I use Dicentis on a commercial website?

Yes, you may. Dicentis is free for everybody. But to be sure what you may do read the license: GNU GPL v3.0

Does Chuck Norris like Dicentis?

Chuck Norris does not like Dicentis – Dicentis likes Chuck Norris!

Can I contribute to the project?

I would love it if you help making Dicentis more awesome. The complete code is on GitHub. Here is a incomplete list how you can contribute:

  • Contribute as Developer on GitHub
  • Report Bugs and Issues
  • Translate the plugin
  • Write Documentation
  • Proof-read texts like Documentation