First Beta Version Released

Yesterday was the day! The day of the first public beta release of Dicentis. Yesterday, I pushed the plugin to GitHub and it is now available for download and testing. It took me some time to reach this point but I’m now happy that I accomplished that task. But a lot of work lays before me. There are still a lot of bugs in the plugin I am aware of and I think many bugs didn’t waved at me so far. But I will “catch’m all”!

Status Quo

So what is new? The current version number is v0.2.0 and is called Brass Monkey. It does not include any new feature but was more a necessary step for the future. I worked hard to find a good project structure for Dicentis to work with. I apply a kind of MVC pattern to this project and want to work more with objects: the so called Object-Oriented-Programming.

Beside that new structure I improved the dashboard to display more useful information in a better looking design. But this is just a minor improvement. I want to create a fancier dashboard in the future.

What’s Next?

I already added the plugin to the WordPress Plugin Repository but it is still waiting for review. I want to use GitHub for development but the plugin, with its versions, will be available on

In addition, I will soon start the Dicentis Changelog Podcast. There is this nice saying: “Eat your own dog food”. This actually means that “a company uses its own product to validate the quality and capabilities of the product”. I will use the plugin by myself to host this podcast. I think I have a better chance to improve it if I use it myself to know what can be improved.

Beta Tester

Like I mentioned, this plugin is still in an early beta version and does not provide a fully functional podcast solution. But if you want to test it I would be pleased. To keep track of that please drop a line in the comments.

If you install the plugin a message will pop up that says, to install the GitHub Update Plugin. You can ignore that. I used this plugin to update from a private GitHub repository but in the future the plugin will be available on and can be updated like any other plugin.